August 4, 2018
20 days left
until our reunion.

Click on flyer to enlarge, print, or save and post
Click on flyer to enlarge, print, or save and post
We are excited to announce a Deer Creek HS reunion for classes 1976 thru 1979! We have a committee in place and class representatives from each of the four graduating classes. This promises to be an outstanding evening on August 4, 2018 at Remington Park in Oklahoma City and we hope that you will arrange for your ticket and attend this reunion. We are expecting between 150 and 180 of your classmates from a great era in Deer Creek history!

Doug Lacina recently produced this flyer to help all of us spread the news--thanks Doug! You open it by clicking on the image and then you can copy or save to a file as an image that you can post, text, or email. 


It is a small group of us scrambling to put this together. We are pleased to be off to a great start. Still, we would love some help and would welcome ideas and material as follows:
  • Digital images of Deer Creek buildings, the store across the street
  • Images of our old logo
  • Images from your class yearbook
  • Some help/ideas with a memorabilia table; centerpieces
  • Of course, images of classmates, teachers, group activities, etc
  • Blog posts on this website; posting images would be welcome
Which brings up the point that this website is plenty robust to do everything we could think of--so, jump in with your writing (blogging) and photos!

As you might guess, the challenge for us lies in finding everyone so that they get a chance to hear about this event. This is where all of us get involved. Make sure you forward the URL for this site to all former classmates: DCHS76to79.myevent.com

IMPORTANT POINT: We want our teachers from this era to come. Their attendance is appreciated and paid for! (Just sign in on the Our Teachers page). This is the least we can do for them for putting up with all of us for 4 years!

Feel free to call me if you have ideas or interest in any aspect of being involved. Pat--816-507-8244.

The evening will start at 6:00pm and your ticket price will include an evening of heavy hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar--this is the plan based on numerous discussions with experienced "reunion-ers" that say we will all want to talk and not be pinned down to individual tables with a more formal dinner.

1976 Thru 1979 DCHS Reunion Committee

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